Tom Mitchelson

Topic: Man has Baby (almost)

About: Tom Mitchelson is an author and investigative journalist. What Tom loves doing is finding stories and experiences that tap into the spirit of the age, both mainstream and the more curious corners of the UK and abroad. He will immerse himself into some fairly extreme, a-typical situations in the name of cultural commentary.

Tom's first book, Shut Up and Kiss Me, was published in 2010 and he now claims to be a leading expert on osculation. He has freelanced as a feature writer for The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and The Daily Mail and been sent on various, exciting missions - sleeping rough in Gatwick Airport, going undercover to investigate a dubious male-bonding cult, living as a woman for a week and investigating Russian gold diggers. He's also trained as a life coach with a dodgy company who hand out certificates if you can afford it, posed as a married man seeking hanky panky with married women on the website Illicit, tracked down all his ex-girlfriends and asked them what's wrong with him and worked unqualified in a school teaching German, all in the name of immersive journalism.
For Al Gore's Current TV he has presented programmes exposing the working conditions at Abercrombie & Fitch and the perils of living with a pug. Tom has also written comedy material for Griff Rhys Jones, Jeremy Vine, Ned Sherrin and Brian Conley, among others, and co-wrote two series of Radio 4's Electric Ink. Tom has also just delivered his first full radio sitcom for BBC Radio 4, Shooting Animals.

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