The TEDxHHL team consists out of very motivated students from around the globe. United in their passion for TED and TEDx, they are eager give ideas worth spreading a stage in Leipzig. Every day, we work hard to create a remarkable TEDx-Event in Leipzig. We are formed as a student initiative within HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management and are glad to call Junior-Professor Alex Lahmann our patron.

Below you can find all of our members and their responsibilities. You can also find the contact E-Mail for each topic, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

The Patron

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann

Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Junior Professorship in Mergers & Acquisitions of Small- and Midsized Entities (SME)

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann is a big fan of TEDx and when he heard of the initiative he directly agreed to become the patron of the event from the university side. We are very happy to have him on board.

Here, you can have an insight what he and his chair usually do: 

The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Junior Professorship in Mergers & Acquisitions of Small- and Midsized Entities (SME) was found in 2013 and focuses on analyzing the determinants and structure of M&A activities in the takeover market of SME as well as the applied pricing techniques.  

In his current research projects he analyzes the determinants of contingencies and capital structure decisions in German takeovers as well as in leveraged buyouts. A further major research area comprises the techniques and pricing tools in corporate valuation. In addition, the Junior Professorship fosters the knowledge exchange between practice and academic research. He collaborates with the Sachsen Bank in order to establish a cooperation to perform theoretical research with the potential to solve problems in financial decision making.

In addition, he closely cooperates with the Chair of Taxation of the University of Leipzig to facilitate the combined research of finance and taxation. His teaching activities aim at providing students with state of the art knowledge and tools in finance. In order to do so, he combines analytical and empirical techniques with real-life case situations. His courses prepare students for the growing importance of financial decision making.

Sponsoring & Organisation

Contact: patrick.echle (at)

Finance & Accounting

Contact: tobias-micha.treder (at)

Patrick Echle

Patrick is in the second year of his MSc. in Management at HHL. He has been a fan of TED for several years, so when he met the organizers of the first TEDxHHL event in 2015, he immediately decided to join them. As class representative and co-head of another student initiative at HHL he is in contact with the university board and staff on a regular basis. Additionally he brings three years of work experience in procurement and project management to the team.

Tobias Treder

Tobias is in his second year of his MSc. in Management at HHL. He already helped organizing the first TEDxHHL event back in October 2015. He is a true TED enthusiast and good with numbers. So the perfect job for him is managing the controlling and accounting for our TEDxHHL event.


Speaker Relations

Contact: isabel.gloss (at)


Isabel Manuela Gloß

Isabel has just started her Part-time M.Sc. in Management in Cologne. Working for an international IT company, she is passionate about innovative products and thinking. Therefore, she was into TED from the beginning. Isabel is responsible for everything concerning the Speakers at the event.

Tobias Burghardt

Tobias is a second-year Master in Management student at HHL. Being very interested in outstanding and extraordinary people and places, he decided to join TED before beginning of his last year of study. As Tobias has a broad industry, finance and consulting background, he will use his knowledge to support mainly our speakers department.

Philipp Schwake

Philipp is a part-time MBA student at the HHL Graduate School of Management. With several years of work experience in the fashion industry, Philipp uses his professional network to contribute to the speaker team. He is enthusiastic about people, that overcome common think patterns and change the game.


Marketing & PR

Contact: damian.hesse (at)


Damian Hesse

Damian studies in his third semester at HHL in his MSc in Management. He directly joined the initiative in 2015 because he is totally into TED. With his marketing expertise, he supports us in the marketing department.

Claudia Tänzer

Claudia is in her first term of the Master of Sciences program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. From the first moment she saw TED talks on YouTube, she really liked the concept.  That’s why she wants to be part of this student initiative and support the establishment of this event in Leipzig.


Maria Hartmann

Maria has just started the M.Sc. in Management program at HHL. Being enthusiastic about TED’s powerful talks and the concept of bringing together people from every discipline and culture, she joined the team of TEDxHHL. For this year’s conference she will support our marketing department.