Suzanne Grieger-Langer

About: Profiler Suzanne Grieger-Langer steps up for top performers, challenging the status quo of cuddly leaderships by freeing performers from pricks and psychopaths. If you want to be a decision making key-player you’ve come to the right person.

Profiler Suzanne is a certified pedagogue, psychologist, psychotherapist – best selling author, publisher, lecturer… Successful entrepreneur since 1993, she is active worldwide with a network of 150 experts that spans the globe.

Her profiling is your key to 7 billion people. Her USP is the computation of character profiles on a psychogenetic code level. Her specialty is turning people into personalities. If not her, who else can help you navigate the depths of humanity? She instructs intelligence agents about surviving in high risk areas and creates mental security blue prints for decision makers in business and science.

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