Speakers 2015

For our TEDxHHL event, we invite inspiring speakers to spread their ideas and knowledge. We put very high efforts into finding the most interesting speakers in the region of Leipzig, Saxonia, Germany and worldwide. Check out the speakers of 2015 below. We will provide you with the speakers of 2016 soon! If you have any idea for another speaker or if you want to participate yourself, don't hesitate to contact us!

Boris Grundl is a management and motivation trainer. He studied sports and psycholgy in Cologne. After a fatal injury in 1990, where he got injured, he didn't gave up. He finished his studies and became a Paralympic participant and well-known speaker. Maybe you recognize him from the television! With his energy, he will inspire Leipzig!  

Prof. Anna Berkenbusch is a university professor at "Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle" and a well-known designer. She is the owner of Anna B. Design. She is famous for her presentations and publictaions in the field of communication design. She got several national and international awards for her work. 

Vince Ebert is a comedian and physicist. After graduating, he worked in management consulting and market research before launching his stage career as a cabaret artist in 1998. His topics are "Physik ist sexy" – Physics is sexy – (2004), "Denken lohnt sich" – Thinking is worthwhile – (2007) and "Freiheit ist alles" – Freedom is everything – (2010).

Dr. med Tobias Gantner is a restless resident of different worlds, a roaming renaissance man: A medical doctor by training, a health economist and jurist by education, a philosophy aficionado by academic passion and curious by default. He will give insights in the future of Healthcare.


Jana Tepe (28) is founder and CEO of Tandemploy, the job-sharing platform. At the age of 26, Jana decided to commit herself to making the working world a more life-friendly place. As one concrete and pragmatic solution to achieving this ambitious goal, she rediscovered the concept of job-sharing whose realization she now promotes with her own company.

Michael Carl is Director of Analysis and Studies at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank based in Leipzig, where he heads the think tank's Research and Studies Department.

Andreas Bischof is social and media scientist and co-founder of the Leipzig based DIY label analogsoul. In his talk he brings together his experiences in communicating music to the market and the market to musicians as well as his expertise in cultural studies. When not talking to people he is probably writing a blog post, presenting a radio show or watching sports.  

Florian Hill, the New York City-based mountaineer and entrepreneur is well known for tackling tough new climbing routes in Alaska, South America and Central Asia. His motivation for maximum performance stems from the passion for elemental life experiences, for which he is willing to accept a high risk.

Pater Justinus C. Pech is currently Professor at the University "Benedikt XVI." in Heiligenkreuz, Austria. He studied Business and Theology in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Madrid and Rome. Before he joined the University "Benedikt XVI." he worked e.g. for Pope Benedikt and the Vatican.  

Tom Mitchelson is an author and investigative journalist. What Tom loves doing is finding stories and experiences that tap into the spirit of the age, both mainstream and the more curious corners of the UK and abroad. He will immerse himself into some fairly extreme, a-typical situations in the name of cultural commentary.


*All speakers shown on this homepage have confirmed their attendance. Nevertheless they are subject to change.