Raphael Fellmer

About: Raphael loves challenges and changing the world. After an experimental moneyless road- and water trip from The Netherlands to Mexico in 2010 he started to live moneyless in Berlin to create awareness for the waste of resources, the responsibility we all have for our planet and the possibilities we have today to live the change we want to see in the world. In 2012 he founded the food-saving movement, where people save surplus food from supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries etc. In the last 5 years they saved more than 8 million kilograms of food distributed from 3.200 businesses by 26.000 Foodsavers. 

After five years without money he started using money again to tackle global food waste. In August 2016 he founded SirPlus, an impact business which is revolutionizing the saving of food. They sell surplus food in Berlin's first food outlet store, via their same-day delivery service in Berlin, and online with delivery across Germany - www.startnext.com/en/sirplus.