Michael Carl

Topic: The adaptive city of the future

About: Michael Carl is Director of Analysis and Studies at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank based in Leipzig, where he heads the think tank's Research and Studies Department. He is responsible for the methodical and content-related conception of the institute's future-oriented studies; he also supports the implementation of the studies themselves and manages the development of individual, customer-specific strategic recommendations. Mr. Carl is a sought-after keynote speaker for trend- and future-related topics. After completing his studies in Theology in Germany and Great Britain, Mr. Carl worked in journalism, where he was employed by various public and private radio stations as editor and program host. After several years as personal advisor to the radio director for the German network ARD, Mr. Carl moved to the field of research. His first task in this field was the establishment of the strategic office for Berlin-Brandenburg Radio. As the head of this office, Mr. Carl was responsible for major structural, strategic and HR projects. Additionally, he was employed as an independent consultant for strategic and organizational development. There, Mr. Carl’s areas of focus lay in the media and finance sectors and in the commerce and IT industries. His passions are music and his personal literature blog.

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