Maxi Knust

About: Maxi Knust studied Business Administration (B.Sc.) and Strategic Business Development (M.Sc.) in Hannover. As she always had a strong interest in the startup scene and the question of how to start a company, she got inspired by hearing the motto „If not now, when?“ and decided to wait no longer to start her own business at the age of 26.

Maxi moved then to Berlin and founded as solopreneur the digital magazine for female entrepreneurs Fempreneur. In 2016 she also hosted the first Fempreneur Summit event during Berlin Web Week successfully.

Maxi‘s goal is to encourage women starting their own businesses by showing inspirational female entrepreneurs. In her new project „Female Founders Book“ she is covering together with her co-founder Val Racheeva from 30 interviews of female founders across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, showing their startup challenges and success factors.

Maxi is a passionate speaker about female empowerment and entrepreneurship to motivate people to believe in themselves and go their own way.

Talk: Only 13% of companies in Germany are being founded by women. As many people ask for the reasons of this low female founders quota, Maxi will give an insight in the different factors and what everyone can do to change that. „Action“ is also key for women by just getting started. What inhibits women and how they can overcome their challenges, Maxi will also share her learnings from starting a bootstrapped business with the topic of female entrepreneurship at beginning of 2015, where believing in yourself and your idea, was most important to succeed within the first weeks and months. A talk full of inspiration.

Link: Fempreneur // Fempreneur-Summit