Martina Neef

About: Martina Neef is the founder of Rock It Biz, an NGO that’s developed a curriculum to foster entrepreneurial skills and mindsets of children in primary and secondary education in Germany. She is an entrepreneur, advisor on youth entrepreneurship, startups and economic development as well as an angel investor. Martina is also an active advocate and mentor for global entrepreneurship. Her passion is education with a focus on fostering the entrepreneurial mindset, competences and skills of school children and adults alike. Martina is the founder and CEO of several companies including her current startup dedicated to online education. She is promoting youth entrepreneurship in Germany via her non-profit initiative Rock it Biz. Martina is a member of various boards including the female advisory board of the HVB/ Unicredit, where she is focusing her time on the Future Skills Initiative. She has lived and worked for many years in the United States and Latin America, where she worked with clients such as Apple, Coca Cola and Sony. Her diverse background in engineering and business as well as her appreciation for both developed and emerging countries have afforded her with the opportunity to work across industries and continents for local investors and ministries of economy & tourism.

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