Marc Schumacher

About: As alumnus of the HHL Graduate School of Management and Member of the „Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Marketing und Unternehmensführung“, Dr. Marc Schumacher has strong ties to the HHL, where he completed his MBA in International Management and his doctorate in Economics. He started his career in Fashion Retail and quickly climbed the corporate ladder: HUGO BOSS, Breuninger and finally the TOM TAILOR Group, where he became Chief Retail Officer and Member of the Board at the age of 34. However, in a rather unusual move, he left the S-DAX venture in 2015 and joined the medium-sized BrandRetail Company LIGANOVA - deeply believing in the company’s stance and mission to close the gap between the digital and the physical world. As Managing Director, he is responsible for the operational lead of the company that has committed itself to build nothing less than the future of retail. Topics like the future connected POS and how a Brand’s image and DNA are translated into three-dimensional spaces are key substance of his daily business.

Marc also is a sought after speaker and contributed to numerous events – from WGSN’s „Futures“ in London to the World Retail Congress in Dubai. The changes in the economic and technological landscape and their influence on businesses and ecosystems are the central issues in his talks that serve as both lecture and wake-up call.

Link: LIGANOVA Website