Konstanze Frölich

About: Konstanze Frölich combines the worlds of art and business in a fresh and exciting way in her roles as consultant, writer and speaker.  She has studied languages and art history, taught and lectured at German subsidiaries abroad… then, in 1993 she returned once again to Germany.  For more than 20 years, Ms. Frölich has worked for major corporations, organizations and educational institutions as both a PR professional and an expert in the field of communication and corporate culture.  In addition, she continues to be active in art education as a Cultural Manager, an ongoing coach for artists and gives insightful seminars speaking on the interwoven topics of art, communication, and business ethics. 

As an author, Ms. Frölich sets her words to life in her novels, about the realities within the world of art and global business – with all its temptations and risks.  Ms. Frölich brings together her wealth of experience from diverse occupations, cultures and organizations therefore making her a truly fascinating speaker, exposing the unfamiliar while at the same time highlighting the key issues which reside at the core of our being: What excites us, what inspires and motivates us?  What makes sense for our being, and where do we go from here?

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