Kai Gondlach

About: One of Kai Gondlach’s most outstanding insights: in today’s world we’re all able to shape the future … if we’re able to recognize the opportunities of change instead of focusing on the threats. That’s why Kai abolished crystal balls and megatrends but rather practices hands-on trend research to support big and mid-sized companies. Investigating the future is about having the proper phone number and being able to schedule a one-hour-talk with the one person currently realizing the most-disruptive idea and business model. With more than 50 annual keynotes Kai is one of the most influential speakers in the German-speaking area about future trends. Being one of the first academic future scientists in Germany, parts of his job as a Senior Researcher at 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, today’s biggest independent trend research institute in Europe, deal with specific industries like automotive, health, insurances or textile.

For he’s always been keen to understand the ways people, societies, and organizations function, his first Bachelor studies were focusing on social and political sciences. Anyhow, constantly analyzing the past didn’t satisfy his hunger for being part of something bigger. That’s why he studied Future Sciences at the Free University in Berlin to understand the limits of empirical science tools but also develop a taste for gaining knowledge about the future – and transferring this knowledge in today’s decisions.