Hendrik Heuermann

About: Hendrik Heuermann had to learn how to celebrate failure. Diagnosed with a rare neurological disease at the age of 23, he lost his balance, his motor activity, and his hope.

After an initial dark period, he started to look at the positive side: What if you don’t focus on what goes wrong, but instead celebrate the risks that you are taking? What if you aren’t afraid of fear? An exciting transformation began - not only in his private life, but also professionally and in his behavior towards people around him. 

This talk is personal, motivating, emotional, and funny. It is all about how to fight fear and to keep enjoying life despite the hard times.

He writes, questions himself and motivates others on his blog at "schweinehund-knutscht-depression.de". He is the author of the book and audio book „Karma, wir müssen reden - guter Umgang mit schlechten Diagnosen“ (“Karma, we need to talk - a good attitude towards bad diagnosis“).

Hendrik is the Sustainability Manager at H&M in Germany, a musician, a health evangelist, and a proud east frisian. He has a Master in Musicology and Political Sciences.

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