Dr. med. Tobias D. Gantner

Topic: Why we need to empower patients

About: Tobias is a restless resident of different worlds, a roaming renaissance man: A medical doctor by training, a health economist and jurist by education, a philosophy aficionado by academic passion and curious by default.He has worked in a number of leading positions in patient care and major industry companies such as Siemens, Novartis and Bayer Healthcare. Subsequently he founded the ‘HealthCare Futurists’ (HCFs), an international and independent network, think tank, incubator and catalyst for innovation in health-care, life sciences and medicine. The HCFs consist of renowned experts and thriving professionals of diverse disciplines with a persistent passion for patients.The HCFs have successfully completed innovation labs with major health-care industry companies and health-care providers alike. They provide guidance to startups and are engaged in medical enlightenment to the public. The HCFs are initiators and home to the innovate.healthcare hackathon.Tobias’ main interest and thus the main topic of this presentation speaks to disruptive and yet sustainable innovation in health-care that directly refers to patients and consumers benefits. Advances in technology push towards predictive medicine, which is rooted in big data (e.g. computer-generated biomarkers) and patient data-driven health-care. “In-Algorithmo-Diagnostics” will be one of the main drivers that will make health-care ubiquitous and thus give rise to democratization of health-care in the future.

This reformation will change health-care, as we know it for the better through empowering patients, physicians and payers alike.Tobias holds a number of teaching appointments in the fields of health-care management, management strategy, decision-theory, market access and innovation in health-care. He is a sought after speaker in topics related to the future of health-care, medicine and life sciences.Tobias is passionate about his family, edutaining transdisciplinarity, bee keeping, magic, building flamenco guitars and long distance hiking.

Links: innovate.healthcare / Healthcare Futurists