Boris Grundl

Topic: "How you become the best you can be..."

About: Boris Grundl has managed to achieve what many others have yet to accomplish: a strong positioning. He is booked incredibly well, is a successful bestselling author and a much asked for columnist. He has a frequent visibility in the media, his open seminars are sold out and he is the holder of an inhouse academy. Boris Grundl stands for convincing results of a daily common practice.

Boris Grundl enjoyed a flash career as an executive and is part of Europe’s trainers elite as leadership expert and conference speaker. He is a management trainer, entrepreneur, author and owner of the Grundl Leadership Academy. Boris Grundl has perfected the skill to lead himself and others at the highest level. He is a popular speaker and guest lecturer at several universities. Numerous references confirm his unique position among the league of top speakers. No one else is attested such a high degree of authenticity and profundity. He speaks out his mind while being humorous and keeps his messages to the point.

As a celebrity expert, Boris Grundl is an always welcome guest and protagonist in both tv and radio (for example ARD, ZDF, WDR, MDR, 3sat, SWR, RBB, FFH). He also gives speeches for pupils, providing them with groundbreaking impulses for a self-determined life. Boris Grundl is “the developer” (Harvard Business Manager). Strong story – Full of meaning.

His Grundl Leadership Academy enables companies to live up to their management responsibility. Knowledge from the field for real practical use. Where other management approaches end, the Academy continues to provide personal development. Developing people – with system.

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