Anne Kliebisch

About: Anne Kliebisch is a social activist and self-organization maniac. She is currently working at Mein Grundeinkommen and Leadership³. Her goal is to be shaping the future collaboratively. Anne Kliebisch studied International Business Economics (B.A.) and Economic & societal design (M.A.). After starting her career in an excellence program in a multinational company she soon found out that her pathway would take her to other places. She engaged as voluntary in a UN-founded youth project, started a project on social innovation and helped other initiatives (e.g. the youth project of the Right Livelihood Award) to organize themselves in distributed leadership. Today she is self-employed with Leadership³ and works for Mein Grundeinkommen. In her current work, she notices how freedom creates health. This is leveraged especially by an according to mindset, organizational structures, and a basic income.

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