Andreas Schneider

Topic: "Cognitive Computing"

About: Andreas is known as a data scientist and subject matter expert in the area of unstructured data analysis. He joined his current employer, IBM, in 2008 as a scholarship student. Andreas graduated from Nuremberg Institute of Technology with a bachelor degree in Information Management in 2010. During this time he delivered several projects at the university and IBM in the area of unstructured data analysis, text mining and algorithms, classification, semantic web and computational linguistics. His regular career at IBM started in April 2010 as a consultant for business analytics and optimization. In his first role he was mainly engaged in social media analytics projects for 1 1/2 years. Afterwards, he changed his role to a client technical professional for content and text analytics. From April 2014 to August 2015 he was responsible for fraud prevention & public safety intelligence solutions in Europe. In the meantime, he studied leadership & communication management extra-occupationally at TH Regensburg and graduated in September 2015 with a master degree. Since August 2015, Andreas is part of IBM Watson Europe to build cognitive solutions based on unstructured data and natural language processing technologies as a solution architect. His professional experience and education involve more than eight years of practical knowledge in text analytics modeling and development, unstructured data analysis, data mining, supervised & unsupervised learning techniques, content analytics and natural language processing. Beside his job, Andreas is engaged in some university research projects to answer socio-scientific questions based on quantitative methods.

Cognitive Computing: The term "cognitive" may have different meanings depending on the observed discipline. Cognitive computing describes the science to transfer human cognitive abilities to a computer system. The talk gives an overview of what cognitive computing means and deals with the associated opportunities, but also the risks that may come along with such a development.

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